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The Entertainer for Ukulele and Bass

Book cover: The Entertainer for Ukulele and Bass

Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer is a classic piece of ragtime music from 1902. Possibly the best known rag, the piece was originally written for piano and has a catchy syncopated melody played over a steady bassline, making it ideal for the combination of ukulele and bass.

While previous attempts to distill the essence of this piece onto the ukulele have generally taken the approach of playing the melody and bassline on the same instrument, I find that this makes it hard to hear the syncopation that is characteristic of the ragtime genre. By separating the two parts out onto two instruments, the result is a much more faithful interpretation of the original.

The bass part is intended to be played on bass ukulele or bass guitar, but can also be played on double bass, piano, or any other instrument in the bass register - at a push, even the lowest four strings of a guitar will work. The music is provided in several different formats, including a full score, and parts in both notation and tablature, allowing you to print off only the formats that suit you best. For this reason, this arrangement is available only as an ebook, rather than a printed edition.

The arrangement presented here is released under the Creative Commons Attribution licence, allowing you to freely share, adapt and perform the music without requiring payment or special permission. The ebook is available under a pay-what-you-like system, allowing you to set your own price (including nothing) of what you think the arrangement is worth.

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